Our Mission

Gift A Career believes that every aspiring professional is entitled to receive guidance and training as they chart and navigate their life work. Through our community partners, we can fulfill this dream and provide the most life-changing gift: a successful and fulfilling career.

Because innovative career
support should not be a privilege.

Forging a career path is more challenging than ever— especially for those who lack access to the right training, mentoring, and networks.

Gift A Career supports aspiring job seekers and professionals who are struggling to launch their career, make a pivot, or re-enter the workforce. Our fully digital program offers specialized courses, connections, and support to provide well-rounded, in-depth preparation to fuel successful careers.

Who is Gift A Career designed for?

Gift A Career is a professional development training platform for individuals at any level to develop the essential building blocks for long, fulfilling careers.

How does Gift A Career define career success?

A successful career brings financial stability, jobs with security and growth, and a sense of fulfillment and happiness.

Gift A Career fills the gap between where you are now and what you need to launch and sustain a successful career. It is your guide to get you where you want to be.

How does Gift A Career help?

Individuals need a formula that can not only withstand the climates of change and uncertainty we’re living in, but transform and innovate.

Gift A Career’s online training program and career resources give individuals the resources needed to grow and sustain. Today’s employee needs to be ready to adapt and thrive and that requires preparation in the workplace, life, health, and finances.

With Gift A Career’s online program you get:

  • Training in Power Skills
  • Short, engaging training courses
  • Assessment Questions
  • Practical Exercises
  • Webinars
  • Mobile, desktop, and audio 24/7 access

When’s the right time for Gift A Career?

It’s always the right time to start investing in others and yourself!

Skills such as active listening, collaboration, presenting ideas, and communicating with colleagues are all highly valued in the modern workplace. Strong soft skills ensure a productive, collaborative, and healthy work environment, all crucial attributes for individuals in an increasingly competitive and volatile world.

In LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends 2019 report, 89% said that when a hire doesn’t work out, it’s because they lack critical soft skills.

Gift A Career prepares professionals with career resources and skills to stand out with confidence.

How does Gift A Career make an impact?

Gift A Career has developed one of the most innovative and comprehensive online career development programs for individual professional development available. Every donation makes it possible to extend this powerful support to more people. By partnering with organizations who know and serve the populations we target, we are able to identify the people who will most benefit from our training and resources.

Gift A Career is focused on serving…

  • Unemployed & Career Changers
  • Minorities, Women, & Veterans
  • Low Income & First Generation Students


We bring decades of experience in business, management, and higher education to Gift A Career. We are proud to be re-thinking how the next generation launches a successful career.